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    Products and services

    Mineral washing chemicals

    Mineral washing chemicals

    Products and application fields

    Feymer Technology not only provides first-class mineral washing auxiliaries, but also provides corresponding services, including application process design, product selection and on-site debugging.

    Main products

    Flocculant, coagulant, filter aid and red mud settling agent

    Application area

     Coal, phosphate ore, iron and steel, nonferrous precious metals, alumina and other industries.

    Coal mine

    Main uses:

    Sedimentation and concentration of slime: coagulant and flocculant

    Flotation clean coal and slime dewatering: filter aid

    Iron and steel, nonferrous metals, precious metals, etc

    Main products:

    ——Flocculant, coagulant and filter aid

    Main uses:

    ——Tailings concentration

    ——Dry piling of tailings

    Bauxite and alumina

    The functions of Feymer Technology products in Bayer alumina production process are as follows:

    ——Bauxite beneficiation: flocculant for tailings concentration, filter aid for concentrate and tailings dewatering

    ——Alumina: dehydration additive and crystallization promoter for red mud sedimentation and washing

    Products and services

    1. Polymer flocculant
    2. Organic coagulant

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