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    Products and services

    Pulp and paper chemicals

    Professional products and services

    After many years of technology accumulation in the paper industry and the use of customer testing, we have a leading product portfolio and dosing control equipment system, product technology and comprehensive R & D innovation capabilities continue to improve, at the same time, our sales and application technology team to provide customers with professional solutions.

    Help customers:effectively cut down the manufacturing cost

    Improve the efficiency and service life of paper machine

    Improve paper quality

    Save water, promote water reuse and reduce sewage discharge

    Improve raw material utilization and energy efficiency

    Products and services

    1. Retention and drainage aid
    2. Anionic trash fixatives
    3. Sediment control agent
    4. ASA neutral sizing agent and special emulsifier
    5. AKD special emulsifier and sizing accelerator
    6. Dry strength agent
    7. Bactericide
    8. Defoamer and degasifying agent
    9. Scale inhibitor and dispersion
    10. Enzyme preparation
    11. Wrinkle adhesive
    12. Wrinkle stripper
    13. Wrinkle conditioner

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