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    Feymer technology has flexible distributor policy, with many years of experience accumulated in the industry, powerful and professional technology team, we will provide distributor with five supports: the product training and application of comprehensive guidance support, material support, complete management guidance support, support and brand communication and on-site service providing full service support.

    Requirements for applying to be a Distributor of Feymer Technology:

    l  Strong brand awareness and market awareness

    l  Have a professional sales team and rich experience in business

    l  Good social relations and public relations skills

    l  Have a strong sense of identity with the corporate culture and business philosophy of Feymer Technology

    We sincerely welcome you to cooperate with us as a dealer/agent. The company will integrate dealers into the Management system of Feymer and keep regular communication with you to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

    Requirements for applying to be a Distributor of Feymer Technology::

    l  Water treatment chemicals

    l  Pulp and paper chemicals

    l  Mineral washing chemicals

    l  Oil and gas extraction chemicals

    l  Textile printing chemicals

    l  Membrane products and water treatment equipment


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